To be a leading educational institution in Nigeria, be-quitting on her pupils/students high quality all-round education that will form a stepping stone to higher education and enduring future careers; as partner with Government for the betterment of Education in Nigeria.


Ladybird educational centre is intended to groom the pupils toward the quality of character and intellect conceived by its management. The quality of staff, tools and equipment in the school are geared towards achieving the target of her goals.

Day Care

In our Day Care, we are committed to effect a smooth transition from home to school of our new pupils, encourage them to interact with groups and spark curiosity and socialization in them.


In our Nursery classes, we prepare the children for primary level of education.


In our Primary section, we inculcate permanent literacy and numeracy and the ability to communicate effectively.


In our secondary classes we teach them the ways to develop various potentials creating room for specialization.

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